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wording of resolution for advisory committee


Meeting 98-15

June 24, 1998


Resolution Declaring the Board's Intent to Establish an Advisory Committee for the Purpose of Reviewing and Recommending Revisions to District Policies as They Relate to the Coastal Area of San Mateo County Under Consideration for Possible Annexation Into the District



Adopt the attached resolution declaring the Board of Directors' intention to establish an advisory committee to review and recommend revisions to policies related to the San Mateo County coastal area under consideration for annexation, subsequent to voter consideration of an advisory ballot measure on November 3, 1998.



The Board-appointed Ad Hoc Committee on San Mateo County Coastal Preservation held two community information meetings last April in the San Mateo County coastal area under consideration for possible annexation into the District. At those meetings, as well as in other conversations and meetings with individuals and groups including the San Mateo County Farm Bureau, a number of questions and concerns were raised related to District policies.

Specifically, coastal residents have expressed concern with how the District will implement a number of key policies if any annexation takes place, either now or in the future. The policies of most concern were those of Acquisition (see Basic Polic, section 1c), Eminent Domain (see Ordinance 86-01 and Basic Policy, section 1c), and Agricultural Preservation (see Basic Policy, section 3e).

The Ad Hoc Committee recommends that these specific policies, as well as others that may be identified in the future, be studied for possible revision, if an advisory measure is placed on the ballot and is approved by the coastside voters. The purpose of such revision would be to ensure that these policies adequately reflect the geographic features and land uses in the area under consideration for annexation, and that these policies are appropriate for any coastal area to be annexed in the future.

In particular, possible revisions to the policy on land acquisition would focus on alternative methods of preservation such as purchase of conservation easements; possible revisions to the eminent domain policy would focus on ensuring that acquisition of agricultural and ranch lands on the coast will be from willing sellers only; and possible revisions to the policy on agricultural use would focus on ways and means of preserving agricultural use on the coast, such as purchase of development rights or agricultural conservation easements.

The review of these policies will benefit from the involvement of an advisory committee representing the coast. The Ad Hoc Committee recommends the following composition of the advisory committee: three members of the District Board of Directors; one representative each from the Half Moon Bay City Council, the Pescadero Municipal Advisory Council, and the Midcoast Community Council; one individual appointed by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors member representing the coastal area.

The involvement of the three elected bodies representing the coast is particularly appropriate, as each of these agencies has requested the District to explore potential appropriate techniques for preserving open space resources on the coast. In addition, it is recommended that San Mateo County be asked to assign a staff member from the County Planning Department to advise the committee.

The coastal advisory committee would review specified District policies and make formal recommendations for revisions to the District Board of Directors. In order to gain a wide-spread perspective and input, one of the tasks of the committee would be to meet with stakeholders representing community and special interest groups from the coastside, including but not limited to:

San Mateo County Planning Commission
San Mateo County Agr'l. Advisory Committee
San Mateo County Trails Advisory Committee
San Mateo County Farm Bureau
Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce
Half Moon Bay Fisherman's Association
Half Moon Bay Realtors Association
Granada and Montara Sanitary Districts
Citizens Utilities Water Company
Coastside County Water District
Questa La Honda Homeowners Association
Coastal Family Alliance
Citizens for the Preservation of El Granada
Coastal Habitat Coalition
Coastal Watershed Council
Committee to Save Pescadero
Pacifica Land Trust
Coastal Alliance
Rural Coast Advisory Council
Half Moon Bay Land Trust
Concerned Citizens of the Coastside
Half Moon Bay Neighbors' Alliance
Coastside Preservation and Recreation
Pescadero Environmental Issues Committee
Save Our Bay
Save Our Coast
Save Our Shore
American Farmlands Trust
Committee for Green Foothills
Greenbelt Alliance
Peninsula Open Space Trust
Sempervirens Fund
Sierra Club
Surfrider Foundation
Trust for Public Lands
Midcoast Parklands
San Mateo County Parks Department
California State Parks Department
Coastal Conservancy
Cabrillo Unified School District
San Mateo County Land Owners Association

If the Board takes action to place an advisory measure on the November 3, 1998 ballot, and if that measure is approved by the voters, and if the Board then determines to proceed with any annexation, it is recommended that the advisory committee be convened with the charge of reviewing and recommending revisions to specified District policies.


Prepared by:

Ad Hoc Committee - Directors Crowder, Davey, and Hanko

Contact person:

L. Craig Britton, General Manager

wording of resolution for advisory committee

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