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Meeting 97-10

April 9, 1997


Request From the Coastal Alliance and Half Moon Bay City Council that the District Devote Staff Resources and Explore Methods to Preserve Coastside Open Space



1. Authorize the General Manager to utilize District resources to research possible methods or processes for preserving open space on the San Mateo County coast, and report findings to the Board.

2. Reaffirm that Directors Crowder, Davey, and Hanko may continue as members of an ad hoc committee representing the District on this issue.



For several months, Directors Crowder, Davey, and Hanko have comprised an ad hoc committee looking into how the District might be involved in open space preservation efforts on the San Mateo County coast. This ad hoc committee has met with groups and individuals interested in developing an open space preservation program for this area.

Last week, the Half Moon Bay City Council adopted a resolution supporting efforts by the District to research possible preservation methods. In addition, the Coastside Alliance, a grassroots preservation organization, submitted to the District a letter requesting that the District formally begin an active exploration of coastside preservation.

Undertaking such research is consistent with the Districtís overall mission and goals, and will aid in the Districtís planning and implementation of an overall system of regional parks and open space.


Prepared by:
M. Smith, Public Affairs Manager

Contact person:
L. Craig Britton, General Manager

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