This is a copy of the resulting ballot. Voting happens during lunch on the same day as the Hack Show, and results get announced at that evening's banquet.

We had ninety three hacks entered in this year's MacHax(TM) MacHack Best Hack Contest, a mind-numbing six hour event!

Once again, we'd like to thank everyone who entered for the fun, excitement, and hacks!

You can purchase your very own CD with most of these hacks at

15th Annual MacHax(TM) MacHack Best Hack Contest

The Ballot -- The Front Side

There is also a Back side (that would be over on the other side of this page).

Check up to five hacks.

Name Authors Short Description Yoot
Mentat Scott Ziegler Stores name/value pairs in database
Polyhedra Scott Ziegler RPG dice roller
SpellCompositor-Arcana Scott Ziegler AD&D spell archiving program
Hackable AirPort Network Seeker Daniel Fox Speaks when it finds Airport networks Yes
StageDance Dylan Matthews Shows dancing hamsters movie Yes
PigLatin Dylan Matthews Translates english to pig latin Yes
Juggler Philip Smith Program that juggles apples Yes
NQCYA Ray Cote Decompile output of NQC
AquaWriter Eli Lakritz A word processor with aqua colors Yes
Confirmania Chris Page Adds confirmation alerts to all apps.
Bouncicon Chris Page OSX-style bouncing icons
Crypt-oh Mark Darling System-wide encryption
BOFH David Ross Bastardizes your terminal Yes
Talking Steve Mike Cohen Puts Steve Jobs on desktop
iTunes Remote P. D. Magnus & Dave Baum & Mike Schmider iTunes remote control
Pied Piper Zander Fumas 13-Y & Rafi Spies 13-Y Desktop Gravity Yes
DarkWaver Tyson Tate 16-Y Dynamically created ambient sounds Yes
A Big Smooch Rachel Green 9.5-Y Kilroy throwing a kiss Yes
PseudoDoc Matt Morse Customizes reference doc
MADLIB from Hell Max Futterman 16-Y An annoying MADLIB Yes
icons Hunter Green 15-Y Icons done for people’s projects Yes
Soundsets Hunter Green 15-Y Ares and Brickles soundsets Yes
DSPanic Louis Gerbarg Makes kernel panics more Mac-like
King of Swing John Blatz 19-Y & Joshua Paul 18-Y Generates a blues MIDI from a text file Yes
OurHack Sam Lundin 15-Y & Mike Meng 15-Y Change the names of icons of your files Yes
Hack most likely to cause injury Robert Rau & Leslie Parisek Man-eating door
Apple Turnover Mac Murrett & Allon Stern Rotates the screen
Network Alias Troy Benjegerdes & Allon Stern Impersonate a router.
iBook Turbo Switch Troy Benjegerdes iBook with switchable clock speed
Email server David Shayer & Jeffrey Czerniak Steals email psaswords over the net
Tricycle Chris Atwood 18-Y & Lucius Kwok & Allen Stern Rack-and-pinion robot with 3 wheels
PalmFinder 2 Lucius Kwok MacOS emulator for PalmOS
More Prefs Adam Tabak 12-Y Changes normally inaccessable prefs Yes
AquaShade Nicholas Riley & Avi Drissman A Windowshade for the 21st century
TiVo for QuickTime TV Richard Kiss TiVo for QuickTime TV
Chia Windows X Mark Johns-Y17 & Justin Lee-Y17 & Charles Melby-Thompson-Y17 Expanding windows in OSX Yes
Beer Goggles Terry Bird & Darrin Cordani Makes people look pretty on live video
Not Enough Secrets Benjamin Chess 19-Y Add secret about box to OSX Yes
musicPrompter Paul Scandariato 16-Y Bouncing ball music prompting Yes
MrMacintosh Wolf Rentzsch Steve Jobs LSD Dream
Heap Peek Paul Bruneau Displays pixel map of running apps
Silly String Barry Semo Lets you customize system strings
Love @ First Byte Carol Goodell Boy and Girl meet at MacHack
Satan Vs. Little Red Riding Hood Eli Gold-Y14 & Jonathan Hirschberger-Y13 Story on the desktop with folders Yes
Pro Mousing Joshua Shaffer 18-Y Clickless computing Yes
Light Sleeper Joshua Shaffer 18-Y & Boyd Burkhardt & Jon Gotow & Sam Caughron Sleep alteration
Crrrhaaack Jon Gotow Resizes your screen
ITunes Dock Dance Plugin Bertrand Landy-Hetu Makes the Dock Dance
ASCII Shop Hollin Wilkins Takeoff on Photoshop Yes
HFS- Jesse Donaldson Mount Mac Volume under Palm OS

ImageToHTML Toby Rush Converts an image to HTML
X-Menu 2.0 Steve Kalkwarf & Jim Correia Apple menu in middle of menu bar.
Unprotected Memory Steve Kalkwarf & Jim Correia Eliminates Memory Protection.
Spear Britney George Warner Stop Britney Tunes from Playing
Genuis Bar Joshua Juran Helpful Messages in the Menu Bar
TEPeste Joshua Juran Occasionally interrupts Pasting with Strange Message
TECalc Joshua Juran Calculates an arthimetic expression in TextEdit
pixelZone Olof Hellman Displays Graphics in ZoneRanger
Useful Hack Max Futterman Useful During the Show Yes
Throb-o-matic Chris Nebel Gratuitous window manipulation
DFA Doubler Miro Jurisic Kills Disk Check Delay
MacCleo The Psychic Eric Slosser Mind Reading Program
iWake Justin Christie -Y 13 & Paul Scandariato -Y 16 Implements a Wakeable Items Folder Yes
FidoPage Paul Schreiber -Y 22 Page your cell phone. Yes
Buzzey Richard Thalman -Y 7 Button Beeps & QuickTime Movie Yes
Hollywood Login Mark Altenberg & Jeff Ganyard Hollywood Login Demo
HelloTree Donn Denman Draws graphical tree
APLocation Ned Holbrook & Eric Gundrum Location Manager Module for AirPort
PalmDock Rob Tsuk & Nevin Liber & Sanford Selznic OS X Dock on the Palm
99 bottles Philippe Casgrain Singing Distributed Network Computing
F1 Hack Mark Malson Easy way to get help from Metrowerks
Cat Juggler Phil Smith -Y 15 Juggles, but with Cats Yes
Robot Transfer Protocol Simon Fraser & Ben Erwin Data Transfer via Lego Robot
iTunes (Hacked) Andy Furnas -Y 13 Make iTunes Scriptable! Yes
Throbber Dick Furnos Causes selected icons in Finder X to throb
Mac OS X Patching Documentation Hack Paul Oppenheim-Y20 & Ben Chess-Y18 How to patch Mac OS X Yes
GhostFinder Lisa Lippincott Clears up window clutter
MacHack 2001 iDVD Lynda Botez & Brian Duck MacHack Memoirs
Dr. Cheshire’s Commermorative PPPoE Server Duane Murphy & Eric Gundrum PPPoE Server
AirPort Radar Mike Neil & Eric Traut Find your location
Upping the Stakes Adam Engst Determining hotel file system
GrowBoxDock Jorg Brown Allows you to use grow boxes under the Dock
The Weakest Link Eric Shapiro & Jeffrey Czerniak-Y18 & Daniel Luke-Y20 & Peter Sichel DNS Spoofer
FireWire Macsbug Ed Wynne Timbuktu for MacsBug via FireWire
Eudora Stats Server Adam Engst & Leonard Rosenthal & Richard Ford Gather statistics from Eudora
AntiLib Chris Nebel MADLIB Blocker
CSFinalHack Ammon Skidmore Makes control strip act like menu bar
Windows XP Chris Evans It’s the Windows Experience
Phase Shift X Ed Wynne

CDaemon Shawn Platkus

Mirrored Victor Tan

Paper Writer Thomas Cook

Andy and Olaf Andy Ihnatko

15th Annual MacHax(TM) MacHack Best Hack Contest

The Ballot -- The Back Side

There is also a Front side (that would be over on the other side of this page).

Check up to five hacks.