MROSD Expansion Benefits
for the San Mateo County Coast

  1. MROSD maintains and manages "room to breathe."
  2. In its 25 year existence, the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD) has acquired and manages 42,000 acres of open space on the peninsula. That is all it does. MROSD operates independently of County and State governments, and in accordance with local zoning policies and state law.
  3. MROSD protects areas of scenic beauty and provides public access.
  4. Preservation of open space maintains the rural character and the scenic backdrop of our coastal communities. These protected lands provide trails for low-impact recreational use such as hiking, bicycling and horseback riding. Open space enhances our health and our quality of life.
  5. MROSD protects natural habitats.
  6. Protected open space preserves the complex natural habitats necessary to sustain native plant and animal life, especially endangered species. The District can acquire, through purchase and donations, land for the protection of wildlife and plant communities.
  7. Protection of open space is a boon to local business.
  8. Around the country, communities are recognizing that the conservation of open space can be of economic benefit. Publicly-owned and managed open space increases local property values and promotes eco-tourism. Conservation easements for farmland help to preserve agriculture and strengthen our local economy.
  9. MROSD complements the work of private land trusts like POST.
  10. Land trusts like the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) are working effectively to acquire coastal lands for open space preservation through private donations and grants. But POST and other local land trusts are not land managers. They do not have the resources to indefinitely manage the lands they acquire. Transfer of lands to MROSD ensures permanent stewardship of these lands.
  11. MROSD supports and preserves agriculture.
  12. Farms and ranches are essential economic and cultural resources of our coastal communities. Farmers may receive conservation easements and leaseback arrangements from MROSD. These support continued use and preservation of agriculturally-viable land that might otherwise be lost to speculation and development. The District requires sound agricultural management and conservation practices on land it manages.
On November 3rd you can make a difference for the future:
Vote YES on F
for the coastal expansion of the Midpeninsula Regional Open

This summer and fall, volunteer your time, donate your money, and endorse the expansion of MROSD to the San Mateo County coastside.

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