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Measure F Wins! with 55% of the vote, even though the Yes on F! campaign was out-spent by nearly 3-to-1. FOCOS extends its special appreciation to all those who contributed time and money, and to all those who listened to our plea for coastal open space. Thank you!

At the request of coastside residents, the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD) has placed this advisory measure on the November ballot:


"In order to preserve open space resources on the San Mateo County coast, shall the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space Distrcit extend its boundary west of Skyline to the San Mateo County coast, from the southern boundary of Pacifica to the Santa Cruz County line?"

Only coastside voters (from the Santa Cruz County line north to the southern boundary of Pacifica, and from approximately Skyline west to the ocean) will vote on this measure.

No tax consequences follow from this vote, which will require a 50% majority to pass. A separate ballot measure, requiring a 2/3 majority, would be required to tax coastsiders for the open space district. We believe that, if the current ballot measure passes, the District will propose such a vote in the near future. Based on the results of a telephone survey conducted by MROSD, we believe that the District would propose a parcel tax of no more than $12 to $15 per year.

In its deliberations before on the advisory vote, District Board members and staff met with coastside residents, State and County park officials, and representatives of every private land trust active in San Mateo County. In each case they received support for their proposed expansion.

We need your help for the campaign to come. One prominent land-owner has pledged a "six figure" war chest to defeat the Midpen expansion. And even without the financial challenge of a well-funded adversary, we need many hands for the thousands of hours of work ahead of us educating our neighbors about the District and why we need it here, now.

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